Stimulate, Motivate & Move

Molecular Muscle Integration

Molecular Muscle Integration (MMI), founded by Dr. Sharon Johnston, NMD is a new medical in home therapy as well as a clinical therapy. It is based upon the knowledge and understanding that the human body has an electromagnetic field that resonates with the sun and the earth’s energy. MMI uses all of the fields of energy - light, sound, fiber and movement to increase better health by synchronizing, aligning, and recharging our bodies molecules. Learn more about MMI

  • Re-energizes, recharges & renews the body's molecules
  • Re-gains molecular & muscle balance
  • Restores electromagnetic fields within the body for optimum health
  • Re-gains balance and harmony to the body by re-aligning molecules
molecular muscle integration

Therapy package includes:

  • Informational manual on understanding Molecular Muscle Integration and the human body
  • Specially sewn Flax linen cloth - color may vary
  • CD1 “Relax and Release with corresponding color therapy DVD segment
  • CD 2” Molecules In Movement” with corresponding Exercise DVD segment
  • CD 3” Motions of Muscles” with corresponding Exercise DVD segment
  • Letter from Dr. Sharon Johnston, NMD
  • 100% cotton tote - color may vary

Price $125.00 (includes shipping)