Stimulate, Motivate & Move

What is Molecular Muscle Integration?

Molecular Muscle Integration is a specialized medical home and office therapy based upon the understanding and knowledge that the human body has an electromagnetic field that resonates with the sun and earth’s energy. Molecular Muscle Integration uses all of the fields of energy, light, sound, fiber and movement to increase better health by synchronizing, aligning and recharging a person’s molecules.

There are three segments to this specialized therapy. Each segment uses specialized composed music that resonates with the frequency of the color/ light spectrum. The first segment involves relaxing for 30 minutes per day by listening to the music. There is also video reflecting the color spectrum which is a part of this first segment. Flax linen is provided to use with this segment.

The second segment involves exercises for increased flexibility, stretching and range of motion. It also uses the flax linen cloth .A video along with specialized composed music is provided. Dr. Sharon Johnston, NMD, guides you through the exercises. Some of these exercises can be modified under the guidance of Dr. Johnston.

The third segment allows for better endurance and strength. This exercise protocol re-aligns and re-energizes the molecules within the body. Dr. Johnston provides a video performing these exercises along with the music composed especially for this segment. The one and two pound hand weights used in this segment are not provided and can be modified under the guidance of Dr. Johnston as with any exercise performed.

Dr. Johnston has provided a brief patient/client form to be completed for this therapy which will provide additional support for optimum healing. download form